Tech Task (Part 2/2)

Here is my exploration of Google Presentations, a Google tool that I have honestly never used before.  It’s fantastic and easy to grasp!  Here is a Google Presentation I made that allows me to reflect on the tool as I try it.  If anyone is interested in learning about the tools and functions I discovered in it, you can view this since I discuss some of them throughout.  Thanks for viewing!


5 thoughts on “Tech Task (Part 2/2)

  1. You’re right, Mr. Shareski. Thanks so much for pointing this out! Please let me know if you have trouble viewing the presentation now that it is embedded. I’m still learning as I go. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Renee,
    Loved the presentation! I am so tempted to try it out myself. Just can’t wait!
    I never knew that making presentation on Google was so much fun.
    I had never had a chance to use Google drive before, but after attending to Michael Wacker’s presentation the other day I was really into it. I spent the last two days exploring it. I am simply loving it!

    • I’m glad to hear you’re having such a fantastic time exploring! I look forward to seeing what you come up with from here on in. Make sure to post your creations to your blog so we can all marvel at them!

  3. Hey Renee,

    Glad that you’re exploring Google Presentations. Did you notice that you can make the presentation live and then start a chat box that viewers can engage in while watching your presentation?

    Is that something that you think would have value because it would allow you to better engage kids, or do you think it would just be a distraction?

    Interested in hearing your thoughts,
    Bill Ferriter

    • Hello Bill! Thank you for posting hits excellent suggestion. I hadn’t a clue that this feature existed. Google tools seem to be getting better and better for me!
      I think the chat box feature would be extremely useful in the context of an online class. You could give the presentation online and have students respond, discuss and pose questions within the chat box. Since I hope to have online classes in the future, this will definitely be something I explore further down the line.
      As for implementing this feature in a regular class, I think it could be done and that it would be useful. It would mean making sure each student had access via a computer or other device (I’m thinking a portable lab would be great for this.) It would be great to have students commenting and asking questions within the chat box. I would still hope, however, to have oral participation from students who would pose questions and make comments out loud. I would also hope for much discussion. What I like most about the idea of implementing this is that it would be a very practical adaptation for introverted students who might feel uncomfortable raising a hand to speak out loud in class. In providing the chat box option, I would hope to be creating better opportunity for a wider variety of learners/personalities.
      Thanks again for your comments! I hope you’ll hit me with some feedback as well, along with a link that tells me how to use the chat box feature!

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